De-Cluttering has become a primary theme in my life as of late. The physical act and possessions only serve as a metaphor for the drastic clearing of my vibration thats taking place.

This brings out a lot of inner shifts that leave me emotionally drained and very fatigued. Metaphorically cleaning out my life in this physical way is proving to be a unique experience.
Typically with shifts like these I would quickly burn myself out to the point of exaustion. Even going a little bit over the edge would take me a week to fully recover.

As I navigate through this stage I’ve become extremely aware of what my body needs. I’ve gotten quiet both internally and externally. Pacing myself has helped. Some days this looks like taking a nap. Other times it’s more systematic. Being more intentional and leading how to ‘shut-down’ or compartmentalize has helped prevent me from going overboard.

“Balance. Rest. Recover”

What an energetic process. De-cluttering my physical place is allowing new emotions to purge and surface,thus demands a different form of managing.
This shift has brought with it the lesson of learning how to Manage my Energy. True, it happens at the most inconvenient times, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the plan.


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