From Fear to Surrender


“If I had read this book when it was given to me four years ago, would it had made a difference?”

The answer, is no.

Two weeks ago this book crossed my mind. I would look over to the bookshelf and would scan the spines for “Spirt Junkie”. As peculiar as it sounds I believe my ~ing (intuition) was guiding me to read it.

In Part 2: The Answer, Gabby actually speaks to this in Accept Your Invitation and paying attention to the presence of Universal guidance in our lives. She writes:

“. . . Maybe there is a story behind how you found this book. After publishing my first book I received several e-mails from people saying things like “The book literally fell off the shelf.” My response to those e-mails was, “You read it when you need it.” . . .As soon as you’re willing to receive guidance, the help will come in a form that resonates with you.”

Despite some reviews saying the book was poorly written and repetitive, the writing style was perfect for me. It felt as though I were speaking with a girl friend and while we come from different backgrounds,  I could relate to the theme behind several of her stories and experiences (past present, and future).

I finished the book in a week and find myself skimming through it every now and then to re-read some of my notes as a reminder and to share with friends.

Gabrielle really affirmed some truths- the it’s time to release my fear, let my ~ing do her thing and exists fully from a place of love. I have been inspired to walk through the door and commit to my faith, practice prayer and meditation daily.

A large portion of this book is based on the Teachings in The Course in Miracles. Maybe it was impulsive, but I went on Amazon and purchased the book for myself. It’s density is intimidating and the language is hard to understand, but I did it anyway.

This week I will begin The Course .

I’m just so damn ready for free my mind from fear. I live in a perpetual state of fatigue and it affects every aspect of my life.

I’m tired.

I’m empty.

I’m ready fill this void within this shell of a body with something that matters.

I’m ready.


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